SEO Services Singapore

SEO Services Singapore is not a rare service in Singapore. But some SEO services Singapore are of dubious quality. Many SEO companies in Singapore promise the heavens and the earth to customers, but can they really be trusted when they don’t even appear on the first page (excluding Pay-Per-Click advertisements) for the most searched-for search terms for SEO in Singapore?

SEO Services Singapore

Why SEO Services?

You may have tried Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising to boost your online presence and traffic, regretting it afterwards because of click fraud, higher costs compared to SEO Services Singapore in the long run, and a poor outreach to targeted consumers. It is a known fact that 70% of web surfers click only on organic search engine results, and 30% click on paid AND organic search engine results.

At SEO Singapore, we provide SEO services Singapore, where you do not pay a single cent to Google AND get the traffic you need through organic ranking! At first glance, Google’s AdWords pay-per-click campaigns may seem a lot more cost-efficient, because of its low set-up cost. But that’s not all! With every click, you bleed a few dollars. If you’re in a competitive niche, you can be prepared to pay as high as S$8.00++ to S$69.20 a CLICK! Not to forget that the SEO company Singapore you’ve entrusted with your PPC campaign will ask for a monthly maintenance fee, or pay-per-leads!

With SEO Services Singapore, you’re entitled to unlimited and FREE clicks on the organic search results. Think of it as FREE advertising on Google!

Some pay-per-click ads appear in search engine results pages even for “non-sales keywords” like “divorce”, “divorce drama”, etcetera. This translates to even higher costs, and less targeted traffic! With SEO Services Singapore, we target only “sales-based keywords” to make sure there’s no fluff and get you the targeted traffic you want (e.g. customers actually looking for a divorce lawyer and not the encyclopedic definition of divorce).

Why engage a full-time SEO company that offers SEO Services Singapore?


With a wide variety of various online and offline SEO coaches, tips, software, and guides, you can always take the plunge and optimise your website all by yourself. But is it a wise move to do so? Frankly, the art of SEO is a full-time affair that cannot stagnate. SEO requires a hundred percent commitment from you, to make sure that your website does not lose its ranking due to Google algorithm updates, new competitors, and the like. One-man SEO is no mean feat, and it’s going to be an arduous journey. There is so much to optimise, both off-page and on-page, including, but not limited to, link building, article writing, website design, and so much more daunting tasks. Not to mention that learning SEO is endless, because there are updates to search engine algorithms, tactics that are declared black-hat or spamdexing, and changes to the way we build links.

SEO Singapore specialises in SEO Services Singapore. Our consultants have years of experience in this field, plus success stories, to boot. Let us take over the hard work for you, and help bring much-needed search engine traffic to your website.


SEO Services Singapore


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